It has been 4 months since I've moved to Kauai Hawaii and I must say it would be hard for anyone to argue against this move.   The beaches are nice, the weather is always amazing, and the energy is comfortable.   Well the saying goes "hindsight is always 20/20."   I'm the type of person who worrior's meaning I think about every possible bad outcome when making any decisions that will change my life.   You would think I would be able to handle anything since I been traveling for a long time now.   I got to Hawaii and almost like clockwork everything I planned for was coming together.   Until the one job I was counting on fell through due to "limited space."   I knew this was a act against having a colored person in a place where I would be the only one.  



I found work else where and the job is amazing the only downside to it is having to deal with strong personalities at times and old folk stuck in their ways.   Once again I'm faced with being group with a community of colored who have their own lives ,but because anything black is attached to bad this small town see's me as the big black guy who's dangerous. I quickly realized that my living situation would be in danger but ,because I wanted to see the good in things I ignored red flagged to the point where the yellow zone quickly turned red.   I put my job transfer in and book my flight to head for Honolulu the capital where the population is over a million and where I would hope people are far more open minded.   I like where I'm currently at I gave up a social life meaning no night life and clubs ,but instead I've gotten so much back and that would be me.  

I finally had moments where nothing was going on completely worry free it's bitter sweet I'm leaving ,because I left the city to slow down to find myself and to now jump shift to go back to it in a since makes me sad.   Everything comes at a cost and even stress free haves it price.

In conclusion if your going to move to Kauai Hawaii and your young DO NOT MOVE TO KAUAI unless your all about nature and have a lot of money saved if you do not have these two things than your life will be hard.   I know Honolulu is going to be a change from what I have gotten use to here but a man's got to eat.   Opportunity just is not here for me I'm a big fish in a tiny pound and I just have to jump out.