Today I did something that took a lot of courage I did something maybe without thinking the whole thing throughout.   I've made this mistake before ,but this time something was different by me making this choice this time it seems like the universe was agreeing with me.   Courage is the word of choice today because many of us believe we have this trait about ourselves we believe that standing up for ourselves and taking risks is all to it ,but have you ever thought maybe that's not what having courage really is?   What I'm trying to say is that having courage does not mean you walking up to someone and asking for their number ,but instead it is standing up against something you do not believe in and knowing that you have things to lose if things goes south.   Courage is almost bravery ,but bravery is doing something without much thinking courage has thinking behind it and you still went with your better judgement despite the outcome.   Today I understood the meaning of what it takes to have courage what it really mean to go with your judgement and doing what you feel and knows is best despite the negative outcome that might happen later.   Well many might be asking why would you do something that might have a negative outcome?   Well because you will always do what is right for you for example if you hate your job many of us find ourselves complaining all the time and not doing anything about the situation at all.  The fact that you hate your job you get annoyed about everything little thing and than for your boss says something to you.  Now having courage comes into play are you are going to reply are you going to A: sit there and just take it because you need the job because maybe you have a family and bills to pay? Or B: are you going to stand up for yourself and take whatever consequences that comes along with it?   If you chose the latter than you have to understand that whatever happens you have to be able to think quickly and find ways to get back on track and do not fall when you stumble.   Having faith and going with your gut takes courage do you have it?




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