"I have many faces I wear ,but I if you steer long enough then you'll eventually see who I'm really am." --Donte B.

     Donte' Brown Born 5/29/1992 raised in New York founded the Lesstakeoff website after having a conversation with one of his friends.   Donte' always wanted to travel the world like so many others ,but he didn't want to be like everyone else and not make it a reality.   Later that night he pondered on how would he be able to travel the world without having a lot of money?   He started writing down different ideas and one of them were asking different family members to borrow money from ,but he soon realized that idea wasn't a great one.   He continued to think and soon he came up with a idea to research alternative method of travel.   Donte' was willing to not only travel solo but also by plane , boat, train, or bus no matter how he got to his destinations the adventure of getting there would be the best part.   So he set out bough a camera so he could capture each and every experience so he would be able to share what he learned on each journey.   Lesstakeoff is not just about traveling to different destinations of his choosing ,but by showcasing the beauty in countries which inst as popular to mainstream travelers.   Donte's plan for Lesstakeoff is all about giving back to the world while learning lesson and picking up wisdom from people personalities.   After Donte' finally got all the equipment needed for his travels he took money he had saved up and booked his flights.   He is determine to show the world that you to can travel the world with little to no money all you have to do is have a plan.   So if your ready to travel LESSTAKEOFF