Only here will you find exclusive content, behind the scenes interviews, and personal reactions from myself and the people of the native land.   Watch me embark on traveling from one country to the next trying to give back to all people of this world. Watch me as I try to find clean water for the unfortunate, feed the hungry, find spirituality, and try to bring peace and balance to myself and to this world.   Only here will you get real content and real view points of a country.   So tag along as I take you no where Vloggers/Bloggers want to go and be ready for the unexpected, raw, and uncut footage from me.   So let's get connected and lesstakeoff 🌎.   

While leaving Honduras I pieced together something that will show my Metamorphosis during my stay.   I learned that you don't need a'lot to be happy just enough to be filled and a'lot of love.

While standing under the waterfall I prayed to wash everything that wasn't holy away I asked for a fresh start.   The feeling after that I felt was nothing less than amazing. I know in my heart that there is power in the water and when you believe in that power your mind makes it a reality. I will tell anyone when I came out of the water I was a different person never to be the same again. Please believe.

While spending time here in NJ and NYC i have felt so many different emotions from amazing bliss to nervous feeling such as being anxitey.   The move that I'm making is now becoming apparent that I'm not moving to some state where I can drive back to my family if things gets hard (Which they will) ,but I'm packing up and moving from everything hat I know to know a Island.   Fear is the only thing holding me and causing these feelings to flourish ,but I know that I can't live in fear because if I do I will never experience a life beyond the horizon.

While eating I become very emotional later off camera.   Just thinking about how far I came in my life and the direction its going was a very emotion and in invigorating feeling.

Election Day was a big day for the US was't it?   I didn't vote not because I hate both candidant, but because either candidate did not say what they will do for my community.   

I started going out more and being more active here in the north before the move ,because from my research I can say that my whole life id going to change. Make up always has a way of changing people moods #MAKEOVER