S   O   U   T   H   B   E   A   C   H   M   I   A   M   I

Night Life

If your looking for a night out on the town or looking to party with an amazing bunch of people SOBE (South Beach Miami) is the place to go.   I enjoyed my time catching rays, icy drinks, cool people, and the beach!   The night life is anything ,but disappointing if you want to have a good night out on the town club "Twist" is the place to go it has mini sections inside of it that play different music in different areas so whatever you like you'll find someone else to share the experience with.   The drinks there are reasonable priced ,but I WOULD advise please drink before coming ,because if you are anything like me who danced the whole time and kept needing to drink more and more to achieve bliss than the drinks can become very pricey.   Depending on what part of the club you are at the music is contemporary and will have you moving your body and the people are friendly and looking to have just of an amazing time as you are.   I give this place  10 out of 10 i couldn't asks for a better time.


The Beach

Relaxing, Good company, Cold Drinks, & Good music.                                                          

All these things listed above is what was done and is needed to get the most out of the beach trip maybe minus the drinking if you don't drink ,but everything else is needed trust me.   I spent most of my time here and even nights here since I don't live near a beach. Its always a nice time whenever I can visit a very nice and clean one and just look out and think.   The beach was my favorite go to spot ,because it reminded me how small I' am compared to this large body of water all my problems went away I found myself not thinking about the trip, or how much money I have, or even if what I was going to do later.   I was completely focused on the stillness of this body of water.   If you want a place to go to clear your mind the beach would be the best place to go.   It is a topless beach so there are people walking around topless and there is a little area if your homosexual where you can feel completely safe and comfortable.   I spent a lot of time here with people who I have met down there.   Drinking on the beach is allowed if your good at hiding the bottles and catching all the rays you can is always allowed.   My time here was amazing and I will definitely return.