South Beach Miami the place to go when your looking to have more than just a good time away from home.   If you looking for summer amazing sunsets, great tasting for, an amazing beach, and icy cool drinks this spot bitch be for you.   Grab your towel and sunscreen. 

New York City the home of the big apple is where dreams are made and the strong survives.   Visiting this city had my body surging with emotions nothing less than invigorating.   If your looking for a night out make sure you have money to spend!   New York will make you ambitious to take on anything.   Make sure to have money to be spent and a tough attitude and be ready to walk and catch trains. 

Honduras well I should say San Pedro Sula the second most dangerous place in the world and I was able to capture the charm even in the face of danger.   In this city there isn't much to do ,but marvel at foreign language, view the most beautiful landscapes, eat amazing foods, and cleanse yourself in one of the three hidden waterfalls that hides deep within the jungle.   A 3rd world country sounds worst than it really is.

New Jersey A.K.A The Garden State I had such a amazing time being back in a familiar place.   Visiting here will bring about feelings for new possibilities plus everything here is way less expernsivse compared to the sister state New York.   New jersey brings itself to life with the diversity it has.   You cannot visit here and do not eat different foods from different cultures.  Make sure to bring your appetite ,because there are so many things to eat.