Hello stranger


I'm hunting the house again wandering, pacing back and fourth almost as if I'm looking for something.   I try to hide my expressions ,but everyone knows that who I'm usually am isn't here tonight.   Replaying all the steps to how I ended up here looking at old plane receipts thinking what else could that money been spent on.   Oh shit... Just found another ticket I brought wow when did I spend this money I don't remember ever flying to these places.   Wait theres videos of me well this guy who looks like me, sounds like me, but something is different just can't pu- wait he's smiling he is.... Living.. 
Have I lost touch with myself that I don't recognize myself anymore?   Social interactions what is that?   How could people just be them without fear of judgement?   Have the passion subsided?   Have I turned into something so unfamiliar that not even God knows who I am anymore?   I should go to bed and get out my head I guess it isn't so bad at least depression is sleeping with me tonight.