A Thought On Letting Go

The older I become the more I am challenged to let things go.


Old enemies.

Old battles.

Old habits.


Just let it go.

Something inside tells me that when I strongly want to hold onto those things. Why do I want to hold them though? Why do some of us insist on holding onto things which hurt us or no longer serve us?

 I think about people that I used to despise with everything in me and why I despise them. Granted this is a personal post and is also not to say that we should simply let go and forget about people that have hurt us or situations like that. I am simply speaking to something I’ve observed in my own life and in other people.

 I often think that I’ve held onto the hate I’ve had for certain people and what they have done to me because it made me feel alive. It was easier to hold onto it and stay in that emotional mindset of anger and darkness, even if I was not necessarily acting on it. It was easier to have terrible habits and not take accountability for them because by taking accountability I was admitting to myself that I was responsible for my success and outlook on things. And holding onto old battles in which I feel as if I lost something was something that I did to remain in a victim mentality. It’s not to say that I didn’t experience something terrible, but at some point, I had to make a change and choose to be a victor than a victim. All of these changes required me to let go. And that takes time and effort. The same amount of effort that it takes to hold on, it takes to let go of something.

 So I am beginning to do that. I have already been doing so little by little, but it’s becoming easier now since leaving my mother’s home. I am beginning to put A LOT behind me: people, events, ways of thinking. And I am beginning to actually see myself move forward to bigger and better things.