The Timeline

November 2016: My 24th Birthday.


December 25th 2016: The day I was sexually assaulted by a shop owner in the Lower East Side while Christmas Shopping.


December 26th 2016, 12am (ish): The night I called the police on my mother and left after she raged at me for not wanting to talk to her about my sexual assault.


*That same night I went to live with a former college professor who turned out to be a living nightmare*


January 19th 2017: The day I left my old professor’s home and went into a single women’s shelter.

January 24th 2017: The day I met my boyfriend. It was also his birthday.

January 26th 2017: The day I left the shelter after some fuckery they pulled in which they told me my bed was taken and that I had to come in the morning for my belongings because my late pass had expired. *More on that some other time*

January 30th 2017: The day my boyfriend and I became exclusive.

February 1st 2017: Stayed with my friend temporarily in the Bronx.


February 19th-20th 2017: Left my friend’s and stayed on the couch of another friend in the Bronx.


March 9th 2017 (or around this time): Went back to live with my mother who claimed to be worried that I’d be in the street. I had no choice since my friend couldn’t house me anymore and I was not returning to the same shelter I came from under no circumstances.


March 19th 2017: My mother kicks me out.


March 27th 2017: I move in with my bf of 2 months.


This is the timeline of events that have drastically shaped me into who I am now.

More will be written...