Does my blood matter?

Yesterday night & today I was in what you would call a motorcycle accident. Now I will not go into who was wrong and who was right I will just take responsibility for my actions. I was leaving the lounge after visiting a few friends hoped on my bike and speed off. As I was showing down I started looking at how bright the moon was this night. Not paying attention I guess a oncoming car was turning and to avoid collision I drove out the way which had never throw against a rocky mountain and sliding down cutting my right arm, right hand, and scraping my leg. (Side bar) I already see superheroes in movie getting thrown through buildings and I would say it must not hurt that bad.... Hmmmmm I'm hear to tell you it does hurt a lot. As I was laying on the ground the card behind me did not stop to help, cater to my needs, or ask if I was ok. In that moment of pain my mind went somewhere dark I asked if I would've died nobody would've stopped or if I was bleeding out nobody would've stopped. The reality of the world we leave in is a sad one we rather pull out our phones record than hello out the person we are filming. Have we lost our compassion? Does another person blood matter? Most importantly does my blood matter?  I got back on my bike and went to the closet market open bleeding on the floor all the way to the bathroom to clean myself up I looked in the mirror I said to myself "you are important and people do love you. Your life does matters just be more careful." After that I went home and went to bed.