Heart V.S. Mind


Mind: No.. No... No... No... NOO!!! I will not allow you this time to make a fool of yourself you barley survived the last time.

Heart: Last time was different I was young I didn't know what I know now. Also why you always have to go so deep?

Mind: Well for one Im your mind thats what minds do. Secondly I'm here to keep you in check you are not the classic hopless romantic. You are the type to give to much and get hurt when someone doesn't respond the way you do. You need to be PROTECTED!

Heart: I'm strong, healthy, and still beating it gets very lonely being alone plus the cold nights filled with liquor or wine to fill some of this empty space that's no way to live.


Mind: You are so ungrateful when will you realize without me keeping you in check you wouldn't have made it this far.

Heart: I DON'T NEED YOU! all you do is ruin everything for me. you don't know how to relax and go with the flow. It isn't always about the long term goals. Live in the moment you being to independent, demanding, and deep all the time scares people away.

Mind: Funny you seem to forget.. Good thing I'm the brains so I don't forget anything you fell in love once and this man had you so lost you even traded me for his half ass love and cheating ways. You remember the hospital visits, check up because you didn't trust him? Or who talked you down off the fire escape?  Lets not forget the crying days and nights that went on for years. YOU DO NEED ME!


Hearts: So I should never feel anything? So I should always be cold and fight what is natural to me?

Mind: ....... You should follow my lead maybe you will not end up with who you want ,but I'll make sure you'll end up with who you need.... Better to play it safe and go with the safer pick than losing yourself, distancing yourself from your family, or running away because of a broken heart.

Heart: SIGH.... you are always the logical one!

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