Negative Energies

Have you ever experienced a force so strong that it knocked your whole aligment out of balance? I've have and I can say that feeling doesn't just go away in a few moments it lasts as long as your around either a person or in a place where the negative engery dewells. We all grew up hearing the legendary saying "Your gut will never lead you wrong" it's only when we think we know better than the universe is when we find ourselves in serious situations. I'm still learning to trust not only myself ,but the universe I'm starting to believe the stronger the vibe the serious the situation. I did something I know karma will get me back for and the way the signs were today I knew nothing positive could come from the situation.



Today I came face to came with people who I crossed and the engery these people had was very unpleasant and trying to keep composer & act as if everything died down I was faced with a hard knocked down spiritually & physically a very bad headache. I can say I was frighten because every I that I believed I dotted and every T I crossed there still was missing pieces that I did not know about this situation. I was asked to present something and that's when when the universe intervened and I felt such a force of bad engery mixed with fear dashed with a little uneasiness. I told this person that I didn't have it and I can provide some other form of who I'm I. They said no so I left and said I'll come back later I have done this process a million times , but this time was different that strong gut feeling I had was so powerful I felt I had to listen to it. I felt as if I was being commanded so I trusted the universe and left. There was a time that I never listened to myself when things was clear as day ,but as I started traveling and watching different religions I've picked up on them and use them in my life. I guess in conclusion you have to watch who you give your time to, watch who you surround yourself with, watch your actions because they have consequences. Don't stay somewhere where you feel pain listen to yourself and get out of dodge.