Shiny Shoes & The Lavender Studded Bag


Shiny Shoes & The Lavender Studded Bag

I’ve always understood fashion to mean “innate style”. My main fashion rule is: If I don’t feel comfortable in it, I won’t wear it. That was the way that I used to think, but now I have evolved a bit.

 And this leads to my latest fashion purchase: a pair of metallic rose-gold shoes and a small lavender faux-leather studded bag.

Now my fashion motto is: If I don’t feel comfortable and if doesn’t express an aspect of who I am, I will not wear it.

The metallic shoes express my brilliance and absurdity in how I lead my life. The size of the bag I bought reflects that I now want to carry less as I go about my day (I am in a period in my life where I am unloading unnecessary burdens). And the lavender color represents a softening of the harshness I carried around for protection. The studs are a reminder though that there is edge.

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