I'm not one who does a lot of shopping ,but when I do find something that catches my eye I like to buy. Ever since moving to Hawaii I have gained some weight so my clothes become bigger. I'm okay with a little weight gained ,but I'm noticing it's becoming harder and harder to find clothes that fit right. 

 Levi's I have always loved ,but their prices I do not and because of that reason I have never brought any. This time I said "treat yourself" and I did. 

I had to go one size up because the way the jeans are cut , but I'm very happy with the result. These jeans passes the test.  


Fit. Great 💯 

Fashion. 💯 

Function. 💯 

Flexibility. 💯 


You can find these at your local mall for $60 yes the price is a little high ,but I promise you the fit is worth it.