H   O   N   D   U   R   A   S   

Waiting at the bus stop in Cofradia.

Coming in second of being the most dangerous place in the world.   The award goes to Honduras!!   My time there was noting less than extreme.   Now I know I came here to test myself ,but not in the ways that I was tested in.   I was suppose to spend most of my time in jungle camping, eating new foods, and testing my survival skills.   Instead nothing went according to plan it took me two days to reach Honduras and than 5 hours riding the bus from the capitol to the city of San Pedro Sula.   When I arrived I did not know I need to take a cab and I didn't have any extra money on me.    So I was going to walk to my destination until one guy who will remain nameless told me "It dangerous around here you will be killed."   So he gave me 100 Lempiras (money)  so I can catch a cab to my destination.   One thing that stuck with me is when he said "You have angles watching over you."   That stuck with me, because The whole time I was doing things "Tourist" were advised not to do.   For example I was taking public transportation, walking around areas I was not familiar with, asking the police for directions ect...   I did not know until the next day when I met the second group of my hostel buddies who quickly warned me the dangers that this cities is no stranger to.   I took their warning and  started watching my surroundings more everyone became suspect to me.   The way the native people treated me was like as if I was superstar they were so nice and asked me a lot of questions about America.   To them America is really the land of the brave and a place where they believe that they can have a chance at a better life.   The way I was living over there was not bad ,but different, simple is the best way to describe nothing was the same as back in the states.   I could not throw my tissue in the toilet ,but instead in the garbage-can next to the toilet (that was strange to me) also there was no hot water only warm water and the weather was 99 degrees everyday.   My limits was tested I ran out of money, I got lost, my jungle tour guide never replied to me.   I didn't let nothing stop me from cleansing myself in the waterfalls hidden in the jungle.   This was my whole purpose of coming to this country minus the set-backs that I was faced with each day.   After I became familiar with the area I asked my hostel manager about how I could find my way to Cofradia so I can hike my way through the jungle so I can reach the waterfall.  She told me and agaisnt what people told me I went on my way alone to accomplish what I HAVE SET OUT HERE FOR. 

When I arrived to the Village of Cofradia I was sad ,because the houses didn't have doors and the village looked run down.   Here I was this superstar from America waiting hours for a bus ride up the mountain to never come.   The people in village like always started talking to me and I them telling them my stories of my travels.   Little did I know I was spreading hope and the parents was so happy that someone was there to speak to their children about having a better life.   At that moment I knew that this was what I'm suppose to be doing with my life.   In return she called a friend who took me up the mountain top to where my real adventure started.   So I thought...   I got to the meet up spot and nobody was there .but myself and my bike rider I felt so defeated I asked him where was everyone?   Where was the waterfall?   I felt as if life was not trying to have me win and just cause me pain.   I told him to take me to the village of Buenos Aries so I can asks where I have to go to find the waterfall.   I found my answer ,but it came at a cost of 200 Lempiras ($10) I spent the night at Buenos Aries where I did not have any communication to the outside.   My cell phone had no single, no internet, no WiFi, no nothing I was nervous ,because it was only me in a tiny village with people who could've hurt me.   I had faith that everything was going to be OK ,but I wasn't sure if I believed myself.   In case something happened to me I recorded a video of about 2-3 minutes in  my phone so if to be found someone would know what was my last words were.   Early the next morning early I hiked two hours through the jungle.   I sweated off maybe 40 lbs and made frequent stops before reaching the waterfall I did not think I was going to be able to make it and push myself.   With the encouragement of my guide I made it I almost died a few times sweaty feet caused me to slip and fall off the mountain many times.   After getting myself together i could heard the waterfall and I got a boost of energy and finally made it to my destination. The feeling of my hard work felt amazing I flew 3,375 miles to clean my aura in the water of this country that has so much pain.   After leaving the jungle and coming home my mind is open and I see the world with a new pair of eyes with a open and pure heart.   I found my destiny in that jungle, and I was reborn there too.