05/23 The start

 This is the first official post since the launch of my own website I'm very excited about this. I never thought that I would have my own website one day I never thought that I would be starting a campaign to give back to communities across the globe.   I am very pleased about this and I'm very, very, excited that the lesstakeoff website can potentially change lives of people all across the globe . Hunger, poverty, and shelter is not only needed in your backyard ,but all across the world. This website is not only for experienced travelers ,but for new and old to come together to share experiences, stories, information,  and to help one another on their journey wherever life may take them.   This website is also to shed light on different countries issues that's going on across the world.   I am dedicated to shed light on these issues some may say doesn't exist or don't realize  are occurring.   So let's get connected on a global scale and take off together in changing not only our community but all communities.  So let's hashtag #Allcommunitiesmatter #Lesstakeoff and #LTO to show support to the community.   Also hashtag your travel photos and share your story. 

Donte BrownComment