NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY!!! I had a blast coming back while waiting for my departure for Hawaii.   I must say I did not think I was going to enjoy my stay for the two months that I was here.   I just want so say THANK YOU to everyone who showed me a amazing time and getting to me to do things that I would've never done.   New Jersey is the Garden state and when your staying in the city of New Jersey you experience a lot and see a lot of things.   Like you learn that you have to just get use to being on packed buses or never to look at someone for to long (Fighting body language.)   One thing I enjoyed being back in New Jersey is that many things changed and I was very happy to see progression with many of my old friends.   I also found a new appreciation for having food places open way later than other places I lived (Southern states.)   With that being said there is always something going on, there is always something to do here there is very rarely a dull moment.   Anyone who knows anything about New Jersey knows how close New York is so I spent a lot of time within the sister state ,but the friends here in New Jersey made the best of my time here.   I went to CLUB XL for the first time and I had a blast with my friend David he sure knows how to show a boy a great time.  


I must say CLUB XL is not like anything I've experienced ever in my life the bathroom was the size of a mini club with all black walls with a few bright lights so you can pee in the toilet instead of the floor.   The music was amazing and the CLUB was packed!!!   The drinks did not disappoint at all take heed.   (DO NOT BLACK OUT LIKE I DID.)   The bouncers are not so nice when your drunk I just got lucky that night.   


Later I found a little job being a personal assistant to a Chef and it was nice ,but I rather stick to things that I know I will be successful in.   Thanksgiving just passed and I had such a amazing time spending times with friends and realizing that how I'm going to miss my friends who are here.   The sliver lining about this is the fact that if I can have so many friends here, make so many memories here, impact so many lives here I can only imagine what will happen when I get to Hawaii and all the new experiences there.  


So in conclusion I write this "The only thing scary about leaving is leaving."