N   E   W   Y   O   R   K   C   I   T   Y

My arrival to New York felt oddly familiar maybe the smell of population in the air or maybe the loud noises from people, to cars, to trains moving, talking, and honking all at once.   When I walked off the train I immediately felt home I was quickly reminded that I have to keep moving if I didn't want to get knocked down from people walking fast to get no where.   So I found a small wall to rest my back on to people watch and reminisce on why I left.   Here I am- in the city where dreams are made! People dream of having the opportunity to come here and here I was just wasting it away.   So I snapped out of my head and called a few friends and this is where the night started to shift from me taking New York all in into a night out on the town.   I came to New York to do a job and that job was to travel and give my readers a very good read about what NYC has to offer.

I booked a hotel on Groupon and saved a lot of money {•Lesstakeoff tip•} I might add...  PLEASE BOOK though Groupon!   I arrived to my hotel and waited for my friends to come over so we can leave out together.   We caught the train to west village and started to bar hop.   I quickly found out that drinks were very expensive and the piece of a good night out with friends did come with a cost.   I started with whiskey and coke and after a few drinks I started to crave for something sweet.   I haven't went out drinking since my trip to Miami and I didn't know how fast I would become tipsy. So I settled the rest of the night for jolly ranchers.   After a night of drinking and fun we headed back to my hotel room to order food, watch tv, and play catch up.   My time in NYC was short but sweet as I packed up my bags the next morning and checked out I told my friends goodbye.   The look on their faces melted my heart ,because they know the new direction I'm taking with my life of traveling and so to break the silence I told them no matter where I go I will always come back because they are my foundation.   In conclusion if your going to NYC 1. Go with people ,because NYC isn't fun unless with friends 2. Bring money to spend and most importantly 3. Always remember bring a good pair of walking shoes.